Stuff happens. Always. To everyone. But in this past month as I examine and write and critique and comment, more incidents have been hurling their way into my path.

“Write about me,” these incidents taunt.

Yesterday was a particularly brutal day as far as insults go. Musing with my friend, I shared the sudden vanishing of a best buddy, the hit and run assault on my parked car, and the arrival of an overdue critique of one of my screenplays that included a synopsis with character descriptions alongside job depictions never mentioned in my script. The critic praised my writing, multidimensional characters, social commentary, and pacing, but also pointed out similarities to an existing film, which unbeknownst to him arrived in theaters six months after the completion of my script. Rather than consider timing and coincidence, the reader, in closing, questioned my creativity.


“BlogFood,” my friend replied calmly. I laughed. “More things have been happening to you since you launched your site.”

In her view, I’ve karmically invited all this upon myself. As I cruised in my newly dented car, I had to consider whether I’d rather lead an incident-free life and have to search for material or whether I could welcome the onslaught of events as inspiration. Routine and calm have never been my goals. I like a rich and vibrant life, even if it comes with ups and downs. But sometimes the energy reserves run low, and resilience requires too much.

But I love the idea of BlogFood. It gives meaning to all the randomness of the day. And I love that now when an experience attempts to nudge me towards pain, I can whisper a new mantra below my breath. BlogFood. I like the sound that.


Anonymous said...

ok now time to write 'follow the cookie' in keeping with the food motif...
thought this morsel was short and sweet and yummy btw.

Willie Baronet said...

DZ, love your writing. And thanks for the kind words on my blog. I was on Venice beach this past weekend! It is one of my favorite places. I call it ground zero for self expression.

Please keep visiting. :-)