Lead By Example

In the current climate of broadening warfare, it’s hard not to comment. It’s hard not to feel overwhelming sadness. It’s hard not to be angry.

I seldom watch any TV news, but today I saw images of what’s happened thus far in Lebanon and the resulting protests Israel’s actions have launched. If I can believe what I read, Israel initially had sympathy when Hezbollah crossed its border. For a nanosecond. Just like the U.S. after 9/11, Israel squandered a momentary advantage.

How can democracies claim to own the best form of government if we resort to overblown killing that overshadows the provocation? Whatever happened to ‘Lead by Example’?

I’m sure if I lived in a country that was threatened daily, I would have a short fuse. I’m sure I would feel insurmountable anger. I’m sure I would be convinced that retaliation and a demonstration of strength are necessary to show we won’t be extinguished. But how we feel need not govern how we act.

How can a country possibly hope to improve its standing in a hostile region by handing over ammunition for hatred to its enemies? Morality aside, is this really smart politics? And now, Israel presents its supporters with a dilemma: how can you stand behind a country whose actions you find inexcusable?

I feel as if I’m watching children fight on a playground where the defense boils down to, “He started it!”

When is this world going to grow up? Until someone is willing to break the cycle and engage a new way of thinking, this violence and hatred will never end.


Anonymous said...

A sad situation all around. Your words are ones we should remember.

Anonymous said...

great post. deezee you have my vote.

Emily said...

There is something about the tv images...I usually get my news via radio but recently saw some tv news...it's even worse. Why can't the leaders get this one?