Care to Lend a Hand?

In a few weeks I will participate in LA Bloggers Live by getting onstage and reading my words.

The big question: what to read?

I’ve been bouncing around, revisiting some of my older posts, the ones many of you may never have read because they showed up before we became acquainted. Some of these are early posts, and thus may seem loose and flabby before my tightening exercises worked some magic, but still...

Some possibilities…

(the time my dog and computer broke on the same day)

Inside the Animal Kingdom
(some key things I’ve learned from my dog)

Safe Deposit Box Buddy
(my attempt at becoming a grownup...minus the political tag, which feels dated)

Car Talk
(insight on how we Angelenos use our horns and might better communicate)

(how moms get out of whack and how I tried to climb back)

I promise this isn't just a way to avoid writing and send you back to old posts (though wouldn't that be clever). I need your help and beloved guidance. If you were to see me march forward and use my voice, what would you like to hear? (and rumor has it that the reading may live as a recording archived online at some point.)

And if you’ve read something else that stuck in your brain that you want to suggest, please do. Really. Please do. And then there's the option of requesting a new post, but that simply can't be guaranteed.

Finally, if you are a local, come out and join the fun…

And thank you in advance to all who offer up advice.


JeSais said...

I'll vote for car talk. mostly because I am an NPR junkie and I like the title and it sounds like it would be fun, but i have to admit i didn't read any of them.

And yes, it will live on I am planning to record :-)

Girlplustwo said...

i vote for car talk, it seems fitting given the venue. but damn if i won't always love the post about the alarm clock.

thailandchani said...

Having grown up in Los Angeles, I'd have to go with Car Talk, too. People will all understand that one. :)



QT said...

Oh, crap, I am partial to the dog post. I am a softie.

deezee said...


Don't despair. I like the dissenting opinions. (and besides, I'm a bit partial to doggie posts, too - would that be the animal kingdom one?)

Please, chime in, and feel free to suggest something I haven't put forth (not that any of this is anyone's job, but I really welcome - and appreciate - the input.)

Thanks all of you!

Willie Baronet said...

Here's my advice: read what moves you. There are so many I like, but you know that. I like Gravity Killed Kurt Vonnegut for instance, and Faith, and Last Kiss. And still I say, read what moves you. ;-)

QT said...

Yes, animal kingdom is the one I was referring to -Gravity Killed Kurt Vonnegut is a goodie too, but might be a bit short? Perhaps you could do it as interpretive jazz like Mike Meyers at the beginning of "So I Married An Axe Murderer" :)

Delton said...

I keep coming by here every day since you posted this, hoping you'll have a new post up so I wouldn't feel guilty about not having a suggestion. It's just too difficult of a decision for me. I love all of the ones you listed, along with many, many more. I'm sure just about anything you choose will be poignant and moving. Sorry I'm no help, but I decided I had to at least say something here.

deezee said...


Don't feel guilty. I appreciate your encouragement. I guess I just have to ease into a choice, and run with it.

And sorry for the lack of recent posts. I've been off penning fiction, and haven't posted those tidbits here.

And tomorrow I hop on a plane for distant shores and a family wedding. That should offer material!


Alexiev said...



BOB13 said...

Of the ones you listed, my vote goes to "Balance," which I remember thinking you should try to have published. Also, don't forget about the pair of David Sedaris pieces. Both funny and moving. Sooooo much to choose from, eh?

fringes said...

I'm late. Have you decided, yet? Maybe the wedding will inspire you.

Anonymous said...

I'll put a vote in for "A True Story". One of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Last Kiss, definitely. A fanciful piece for sure, it will trot about in one's head for days.

Anonymous said...

How cool of you to be reading! No matter what you read, I'm sure it will be enjoyed.

I'm sorry I'll miss it; it's going to be a cool night!

Good luck!