An Open Letter to David Sedaris

July 21, 2007

Dear David,

I’m standing at the counter at a Mexican/Cuban eatery at the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood with my son by my side. A young woman stands next to him hearing me ask what he wants, and she jumps in and says, “Aren’t you the David Sedaris kid?” He answers yes, and she says, “I saw you two years in a row.” She goes on to express sadness that you’re not coming back to appear this year, and we compete to see which of us has seen you the most years in a row. I win, which is an odd thing to boast of, but we bond over the moment and she advises my son as to what to order because she’s been through this menu a few times and can comment on the effect of the spices.

“Don’t skip the potato soft tacos,” she says. “They’re like Mexican potato knishes.” My son has no idea what that means, but he smiles and says okay. An older woman who seems to be her mother walks up to join her, and our dining advisor turns and says, “Look, it’s the David Sedaris kid. You were with me when we saw him.”

We get down to ordering and thank our consultant as we add to our meal one soft potato taco, which is called something far more elegant in the Spanish we don’t speak. Sitting down at a table, I turn to Anthony and say, “Well, David Sedaris doesn’t have kids, but he kind of has you.” We laugh, loving this little recurring appearance in the spotlight. He gets noticed every once in a while, but usually not with such gusto as this time.

I’m sad that you’re not coming back in 2008. I’ve started the rumor that you’re probably busy writing a book on your experiences in Japan. I don’t imply that you told me as much, but I can imagine you sifting through all those wonderful tales you shared during your last visit to Royce Hall. In 1986 I spent two months in Japan hiding from Hollywood and trying to recover from an extraordinarily long stint on a film job. I took six Japanese lessons in Tokyo over the course of two weeks and then decided I was good to go in rural Japan. Amusement did follow. While I’m certain the country has changed a lot since then, I related to more of your stories than you can imagine.

Just thought I’d share this tale. Sorry we won’t see you in 2008. Los Angeles will miss you.

Anthony’s mom

for the back story, go here for part one, and here for part two...


Girlplustwo said...

The David Sedaris Kid. I love that title a whole heck of a lot.

Anonymous said...

I like the bragging rights of whose seen his performance more. And I think it's pretty cool to be know as the David Sedaris Kid.

QT said...

Oh man, I don't know how you restrained yourself. I love him and went to a reading two years ago in Madison.

And what an experience for your son!

thethinker said...

Great story. I'd love to have a title like "the David Sedaris kid".

Willie Baronet said...

3 things:

1. As a David Sedaris also-fan, I love hearing about your intricate tale of knowing him. Cool story.

2. A writer friend of mine who is struggling with her writing was talking to me about whether she should blog. So I sent her a link to your blog as one of the best writing blogs I've found.

3. Did you read my recent poem on boogers?

4. Can I add a link to you on my blog?

5. Are you going to see the Simpsons Movie this Friday!!!!

Ok, that was 5 things, not 3.

deezee said...

To all -
I love saying I have the David Sedaris kid, which is odd because I should be most proud of saying he is my kid.

rrramone -
I'm blushing. You always do that to me. Can you add a link to me? You can draw me, design my heading, anything!! Of course!

Simpsons, no doubt, but I am mostly a theoretical admirer than watcher - I don't do TV well.

Now off to read about boogers...


mer said...

To say I am obsessed with David Sedaris would be an understatement. I am quite envious you have seen him twice already. He is coming to Savannah in October. I would love to go but considering I am a poor Graduate student, dont think it will happen. Sad.

BTW,I loved your original Sedaris post. Next time, get a picture!