Chipped Away

experiences come at us like a sculptor’s tool
injury, hurt
the unexpected collision,
a troubling encounter.

as pieces
of our form fall away
we imagine
we are losing who we are.

but maybe
those who enter our lives,
who take a small swing,
are indeed the sculptors

the ones who seek to get to the heart
like Michelangelo
chipping away at the unnecessary
to find the essence within.

Yesterday I closed my eyes and saw myself as a piece of marble with chips flying off of me. As I examined the experiences of life, suddenly the hurt hurt less, and the dismantling felt more like a gift than any kind of loss. I thought of Michelangelo and the slaves.

Visualizing particles falling through the air like confetti, I felt enormous appreciation for all that I’ve been through.

I welcome the new year and the opportunities it will bring.


Anonymous said...

That was really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Having recently feasted my eyes on sculptures by Michelangelo and Bernini and wondered at how a block of stone was brought to life, I can really appreciate this.

Diz Rivera said...

Flying confetti of our past selves -- love it.

Anonymous said...

so wonderful deezee.....'suddenly the hurt hurt less, and the dismantling felt more like a gift than any kind of loss.'

Roberta Lipp said...


Girlplustwo said...

YOU are the sculptor...the one who makes the inanimate come alive with your gaze, or your touch.

Willie Baronet said...

I think it will bring great things. :-) Keep writing, you are making the world a better place. xo

Voix said...

Fantastic post, Deezee. I love this image.

Emily said...

beautiful image