Complicated Relationships

Writing and I are arguing a bit right now. Some days I'm in love and other days I want to break up. Today I'd rather spend time with coffee and have an illicit affair with someone else's novel.

I know every relationship goes through troubled times so I’m determined to stay patient. After all, it is the new year, and though many leap forward with rash decisions disguised as ‘resolutions’ I know better. I know that while I’m happiest with guarantees and promised futures, that the creative life seldom offers such comforts.

My relationship with Writing is, however, straining my relationship with Bank Account. Bank Account was spoiled for many years, indulged with weekly deposits of escalating amounts. Such attention made Bank Account feel loved and nurtured. Now it wants to know why I care for someone else more.

It’s hard to convince Bank Account not to take it personally, that I wish things could have remained how they were.

Peoples’ needs change,” I told Bank Account the other morning. “While I loved our healthy run, my dedication to you was interfering with my relationship with Inner Peace.

Bank Account doesn’t understand for it sees my monthly stress while paying bills. It thinks Inner Peace has me duped, that I’ve fallen under the spell of the guru chant of ‘Find your true path.’ I try to convince Bank Account that this bumpy patch in our relationship is temporary, but Bank Account interrupts me and asks, “Are you trying to convince me or convince yourself?

I never knew Bank Account was so savvy. Clearly while I’ve been off pursuing some new avenues, Bank Account has been reading, which brings me back to where I started. Writing and I are fighting today. I’m going to go read. If I call it ‘research’, maybe Bank Account will cut me some slack.


fringes said...

I fight with writing and bank account everyday, too! They are ornery little buggers. Good luck with getting it all worked out.

BoySayGirlSay said...

Loved this. Thank you.

Lola x

Anonymous said...

i love this. i've never had the genius and dedication of being a "writer" - so i can't imagine the struggle to fight for what you know is true about yourself when it comes to that...but you did it (again, w/ the objects in question) so perfectly, well, YOU.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Especially the last sentence.

Liz said...

I stopped by to say thank you for the note on fonts. Good luck with your pursuit!

Anonymous said...

I say you go for a menage a trois with Writing and Novel this week as a warm up to a really fullfilling three-way with Writing and Bank Account later on.

Trouble said...

bank account is using me like her bitch. I hate her. She sounds just like my mom: "You never call, you never give me any thought." We're not really speaking right now, actually (mom or bank account)

Emily said...

This is great, great, great! You are such a success at personalizing inanimate objects. Putting Bank Account into an essay is perfect.